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The Sangha App

Book classes, track progress, access support

A calendar of activity

The app has a calendar facility that gives participants visibility of the full Sangha programme. Via the calendar, they can book classes, see location and timing information, view details on class and workshop content, and more.

Crucially, the calendar will send reminders of up-coming classes and events that participants are booked on to.

Individual progress tracking

The Sangha App invites participants to track their progress through a system of personal health logs. Via these health logs, individuals can regularly add health information – such as BMI and resting heart rate. The app will pull this data into a performance report, which participants can view to get an overview of their progress. Every report is private to the individual, and all health data is tracked and stored in a GDPR compliant way.

Access resources

A number of resources are available via the app. Participants can view fitness videos, access workshop presentation information and topical whitepapers, receive health and wellbeing tips from Sangha professionals, get regular recipe ideas, and more.

Every month, Sangha will also promote a national health campaign such as Cycle to Work Day and Mental Health Awareness Month. Relevant educational material will be delivered via the app to raise awareness and inform participants.

More to Sangha

There is so much more to Sangha than the app. From fitness, yoga and stretch classes, participant competitions, activities to support national health campaigns and educational workshops, Sangha is both an online and offline offering.

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