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Sangha fitness, stretch and yoga classes

For active, happy and more productive employees

Staying active doesn’t just have physical benefits.

It can improve mental health, concentration levels and productivity. Active employees are also less likely to take sickness leave. However, busy lifestyles and a lack of exercise facilities in the workplace often act as barriers to improving health.

Sangha makes exercise accessible to everyone. As part of our programme, we will put together a bespoke timetable of fitness, yoga and stretch classes at times that suit you and your business.


HIIT classes for employees of all abilities

Our fitness classes, named SanghaFIT, follow the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) model. HIIT improves cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength by incorporating 4-5 different exercises done in short bursts, with small rest periods in-between. To help keep participants engaged, every class will involve a different combination of exercises. Our highly trained instructors will also include exercise progressions (harder variants) so participants of all abilities can benefit.

SanghaFIT requires minimal equipment or floorspace, so it is ideal for delivery in the workplace.


Yoga classes for improved mental & physical wellbeing

From those of us who can’t touch our toes, to the few amongst us who can do the splits – yoga is for everyone. It is a safe way to improve core strength, flexibility, mobility and balance; it can reduce the effects of conditions such as arthritis and has a significant, positive impact on mental wellbeing by helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Sangha’s yoga offering, named SanghaYOGA, provides classes for all abilities at times that suit participants.


Bitesize stretch routines that can be done at a desk

SanghaSTRETCH takes the principles of yoga and builds them into bitesize routines that can be done at a desk, in regular work clothes. These unique stretch routines are designed to improve posture and help mitigate the physical stress and tension that often comes with sitting in the same position for long periods of time.

In just 15 minutes, SanghaSTRETCH will take participants through a range of short exercises that focus on breathing, posture, mobility, and mindfulness.

Delivered by qualified, experienced trainers

Sangha classes are delivered by qualified fitness and health professionals who are local to your business.

More to the Sangha programme

Sangha doesn’t just provide fitness, stretch and yoga classes. The programme includes health and wellbeing workshops, ongoing educational material delivered through the Sangha App, progress tracking, participant challenges and more.

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