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Health and wellbeing workshops

Providing the tools needed to make positive, health-related lifestyle changes

For an informed, equipped workforce

Sangha workshops cover a range of topics, from nutrition and hydration to workplace stress and the importance of sleep. Each workshop is designed to highlight issues that impact people in the workplace and provide a platform to discuss these topics in a safe and informative environment. Participants will be given tips and tools required to help navigate these issues and introduce positive, health-related changes to their lives.

Covering issues that affect us all

Each workshop will cover a different subject that has a direct impact on the workplace. In our nutrition workshop, for example, we will discuss the problems a poor diet can cause, look at topics such as hydration, snacking and meal-planning, and provide easy solutions that will equip individuals to make simple changes that will have a big effect.

A focus on mental wellbeing 

Sangha doesn’t just seek to help participants improve physical health. Mental wellbeing is a core focus of the programme. In the UK, mental health issues such as stress, depression and anxiety, account for almost 70 million sick days per year. This costs employers between £33 billion and £42 billion, which is the most of any health condition1. Sangha seeks to help tackle this issue by providing mental health first aid (MHFA) workshops.

MHFA workshops will give participants an in-depth understanding of the factors that can impact mental wellbeing, equip them with practical skills to spot triggers and signs, and give participants the confidence to reassure and support colleagues when required.

Led by trained health professionals 

Every workshop is put together and delivered by an experience, Sangha-accredited health professional with expert understanding of the topic.

More to Sangha

Wellbeing workshops form an important part of every Sangha health and wellbeing programme. Each programme is bespoke and designed to meet individual business and participant needs.

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