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National campaigns and participant challenges

Raising awareness; engaging participants

Promoting national campaigns

Every year, hundreds of health and wellbeing awareness campaigns take place across the UK. Each one is designed to inform the public, raise awareness, encourage people to make positive changes to their lives and support others to do the same.

At Sangha, we select a campaign every month to promote to participants. Selection is based on several factors, including participant demographic, site location and business interests.

Below, you can see some examples of the campaigns we support.

National Nutrition Month

Go Sober for October

Back Care Awareness Week

Time to Talk Day

World Menopause Day

Diabetes Week

Stress Awareness Month

Men’s Health Week

National Breast Cancer Month

International Friend Month



National Walking Month

Cycle to Work Day

Alcohol Awareness Week

Nutrition and Hydration Week

Festival of Winter Walks

Volunteers Week

Raising awareness and engagement

Sangha will put together a calendar of activity based on the selection of one campaign per month. For each campaign, we will supply branded promotional material, organise relevant workshops and provide educational content via the app so Sangha participants feel informed and engaged.

Participant challenges

As part of Sangha, we can organise health and wellbeing challenges and activities that foster ongoing engagement in the programme, build a stronger collaborative ethic and encourage participants to challenge themselves and each other. Challenges include steps competitions, “8 hours a night for 7 nights” sleep challenge, Go Sober for October and more.

More to the Sangha programme

As well as supporting national campaigns, Sangha provides in-house fitness, yoga and stretch classes as well as educational workshops.

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